Day 2 in Cambridge

By now, you will (hopefully) have seen my Day 1 in Cambridge blog post, sharing with you the cocktail bars and lovely places to eat that we found on our trip.

On Sunday morning we got up pretty early, as we wanted to make the most of our morning before we headed home. We had breakfast in the hotel (The Earl of Derby) which I really enjoyed; we sat outside and I had a really yummy continental breakfast with orange juice and tea.

The hotel staff let us leave our car in the free car park all day, even after we had checked out, so after breakfast we headed down to Cambridge town centre. 

We arranged to go punting down the River Cam with a guide at around 11:15am, so while we were waiting for that we wandered round the market square and had a look at all the stalls. The market smelled divine and, if we hadn't been going home that afternoon for a BBQ, I definitely would have bought some things for a picnic in the sunshine! 

I have been punting before, but never in such perfect weather. It was so warm and sunny, the river was super busy and yet none of the boats crashed or tipped over at all! Although, we did see a couple of dogs eyeing up the cold water and one that had jumped overboard to swim and was having to be rescued, so there was some drama (and entertainment)!

Cambridge is so beautiful and, from the river, you can see some of the most gorgeous buildings without ever leaving your seat. Our guide was great, too, telling us all the funny stories and rumours surrounding Cambridge University and all its colleges.

The tour takes around 45 minutes as it is done at such a peaceful pace. You hire a boat and take it out yourself but I'm not sure I would want to punt myself around, as there are quite a few trees and willows around the edge of the river to get stuck in!

After punting it was time for more ice cream, this time from a cart called Toni's Ices. Luke went for chocolate in a cone with a flake and I had chocolate and strawberry in a tub. It was so good - proper creamy ice cream!

After a quick wander around the shops we headed home, arriving just in time to pig out on some incredible BBQ food. I had such a great weekend, if you are looking for a day out or weekend away in the UK I would definitely recommend Cambridge, there is so much to do and see.

Where is your favourite place for a day out?

Haze x