What am I looking forward to?

I have only been home from university for a couple of days, but I can already feel myself getting a little stir crazy being at home with nothing to do! As I am not going back to work for a couple of weeks, I have found that reminding myself of all the things that I cannot wait to do this summer is helping to make myself feel better. So, I thought why not share them with you, too? 

On June 4th, I will be heading back to Birmingham to attend a one-day festival with a group of my friends. The only festival that I have ever been to is Reading Fest and I'm excited to see what this one will be like! It's on our university campus, by a huge lake and in a really gorgeous, leafy area. I am sure that I will write a post about it once I've been and I am counting down the days!

Next week, my boyfriend and I are taking my grandma out for afternoon tea, as her birthday was right in the middle of my exams this year so I wasn't able to see her on the day. We're going to a really lovely little teashop in Olney called Teapots. I love tea and cake and all of the things that go with afternoon tea, plus the decor in Teapots looks adorable!


In mid-July, Luke and I will be celebrating our three year anniversary, so, to celebrate, we are off to Cambridge for a night in a fancy hotel and day of (hopefully - weather permitting) punting down the river! We are also planning to visit our absolute favourite restaurant for dinner whilst we are there, Don Pasquale, which is an incredible little Italian restaurant. We have only ever been there for lunch so I can't wait to have a nice dinner there as well, this is another trip which I am sure will end up on this blog!


For the past two years, Luke and I have visited Edinburgh in the summer and we are going for a third time this August. Edinburgh is my favourite place to be; the buildings are gorgeous, the city is full of life and we never run out of things to do whilst we're there. I can't wait to be back on the Royal Mile, exploring the city some more.

Gran Canaria

Understandably, this is what I am most excited about over the upcoming months. In September, Luke and I will be taking our first abroad trip just the two of us, to a gorgeous looking apartment by the beach and harbour. Our plans include a water park, snorkelling and a lot of fantastic Spanish food!

Haze x