The Best Revision Switch-up.

As a student who gets very nervous/panicked/stressed about exams and upcoming deadlines, the majority of my time recently has been spent revising obsessively and counting down the days until I am free (as of today, I have 13 days and 4 exams to go!). 

I personally cannot spend all day sat in the same spot and, whilst I used to just take extra long and thoroughly unproductive revision breaks (read as spend hours on Netflix), I have really found that a change of scenery can give me a new burst of energy and productivity. So, since returning to university after Easter break, I have often found myself frequenting local coffee shops and pubs as a bit of a revision switch-up.

My tried-and-tested personal favourite in the student hub of Selly Oak, Birmingham is The Bristol Pear, a lively yet spacious student pub which not only offers plenty of work space and free wifi, but also delicious food and a great atmosphere. I think that most places close to student accommodation and housing will have similar places.

This definitely aided our revision

Whereas I used to hole up in my room all day, I have surprisingly found that I work much better in slightly busier environments, I guess I'm more motivated to get work done when people might be watching me! 

So, if you are looking for a bit of a revision switch-up to get you through the last few weeks before summer and freedom, or just get really bored in your bedroom or kitchen, I would certainly recommend searching your local area to see if you can find any hidden gems like this one!

Haze x