A Day Out in London Town

I have finally finished my first year at university! It feels very strange to be home with no work to do but I am aiming to fill a lot of my time working on and building this blog.

Last weekend, Luke and I were in London to watch Sarah Millican, who is currently on her Outsider tour (she was amazing). Not having been to London in a while we decided to make a day of it and spent a very sunny Saturday afternoon wandering around Camden Market and Covent Garden.

Although I'm not usually a fan of busy places, I do love Camden. I think that the unique-ness of each and every market stall distracts me from the amount of people that are also looking around! There were so many weird and wonderful things to see, and I was very happy to find that my favourite juice stand is still up and running!

Hands down, the best orange juice in the UK.

We ended our afternoon with dinner in Maxwell's Diner before the show. This is one of our favourite restaurants, it's more or less opposite Covent Garden tube station and amazingly well priced for such a busy location! I went for the chicken fajitas (yum!) and Luke tried the steak (also yum, apparently!), although I only took pictures of our 'desserts', which I would 100% recommend to you...

Mine is the chocolate thickshake on the left,
Luke's is the huge double thick malt on the right.

Haze x