My Top 5 Tried and Tested Skincare Favourites

Hi there lovelies, I hope you're all well!

Following on from my previous skincare post (you can read it here if you missed it), which I really enjoyed putting together and writing up, I thought I would run you through my top five favourite, and thoroughly tried and tested, skincare products.

Like I mentioned in the aforementioned post, my skin is sensitive and can get really dry, so I like products which are not going to be too harsh. However, I also get a lot of really nasty acne, so it's important to me that they work as well!

Now I'm definitely not a skincare expert, but I have tried A LOT of products, and these are a few that I'm not too sure I could live without.

I have been using this face wash for around two years now, which for me is crazy as I used to flit between face washes every couple of weeks or so and never stuck to just one product. But with this, I have absolutely no reason to want to try something different.

Dermalogica is pricey, there is no way around that, but I am more than willing to pay the price for a product that works for me, as I have previously tried so many that haven't at all. This cleansing gel isn't overly scented and it's also not harsh or drying, it's actually very soothing and always leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean. I won't claim that it gets rid of all my spots because, especially with acne, nothing can, but it definitely makes them softer, heal quicker and they are much less painful.

A bottle of this will last me about five months, as you literally need a pea-sized amount to make a nice foamy lather on your face, and I cannot recommend it enough.

This product is a Body Shop bestseller and I can 100% see why. I discovered this eye cream last winter in Birmingham, when it got very cold very quickly and my skin started cracking in protest (not nice. At all). I wanted something rich and moisturising that would stop my eyes from feeling so tight and also prevent my makeup from caking under my eyes, which is never a good look.

This Vitamin E range is a God-send for dry skin, it's the most moisturising range that The Body Shop offer and it has worked wonders on my skin. I have been using this eye cream daily, sometimes twice daily, for months and months and I have yet to experience another peeling skin drama like I did last winter. I love it!

Another Body Shop winner. As I mentioned (far too many times already), I have dry skin. Sometimes, it gets really dry and peels and I can't even consider putting makeup on. I also want to cry because it can get SO SORE.  This mask fixes all that in about half an hour.

I tend to use this mask once a week before bed. It's a really thick cream that I layer on my face and... that's it! The cream soaks into my skin and I wake up with a super soft, lovely face. It doesn't break me out either, which is an obvious bonus. There's not much else I can say really.

I picked this up in the airport on the way home from Lanzarote last year, because I'd heard a lot about it and I wanted to use up the last of my Euros. I am so, so glad that I went for this rather than a tonne of chocolate. I know that a lot of people aren't keen on the consistency of this 'cream', as it's more like a soft gel so I definitely wouldn't advise slathering it all over your face. But I have found that it is a life saver on those nasty, cracked patches of dry skin that I get from time to time, and also on spots.

If I have a particularly stubborn, painful or dry spot that just does not want to go away by itself, I cover it in this before bed and, by morning, it's half the size. Perfect. I also like to use this as a bit of a lip mask if my lips are feeling a bit lack-luster, it soon sorts them out. 

This is the most recently purchased of my top five, but it very quickly became my favourite makeup remover ever. It takes off foundation, mascara, bronzer, you name it, with one swoop of a cotton pad and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. It's also really cheap (£3 for a 400ml bottle)! 

I tend to stick to makeup removers that I love for a while, I used the Body Shop Silky Camomile Cleansing Oil for years, so this will certainly be re-purchased again and again.

What are your skincare favourites? I'm always up for giving something new a go!

Haze x