Lunch at Bodega, Birmingham

My friends had told me so much about Bodega in Birmingham, so this afternoon my Mum and I decided to try it out for ourselves. We were after a light lunch, which my Mum definitely had, but being the gannet that I am I went for a large plate. 

Hey, if you're reviewing somewhere you've got to try as much as possible, right?

We started with mocktails, a Passionfruit Twist (apple, lemon and passionfruit) for me and a Hummingbird (strawberries, lime, watermelon, basil and pomegranate) for Mum. Mine was tangy and refreshing, Mum's was sweet and light. Ten out of ten so far!

Food-wise, Mum went for the Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas, with a side of Spicy Slaw. The quesadillas are delicious and the perfect size for a snack or light lunch for one person, or alternatively as part of a tapas-style meal to share. 

As I mentioned, I was a bit of a piggy and ordered a 'large plate': the Shredded Chicken Bodega Burrito. It was SO YUM. The guacamole was to-die-for, the burrito itself was packed full of goodness and the sweet potato fries were delightful. I was very impressed!

Bodega was pretty busy, and after eating there I can definitely see why. It was perfect for a quick bite to eat at lunch time, and I can imagine it would be a great spot for a date night or meal out with friends too. I do love a good Mexican Cantina!

Haze x



  1. The mocktails look good and I love sweet potato fries simply my favourite

    1. The mocktails were fab, I'd definitely recommend them!