Birmingham Student Eats: Lunch at the Bristol Pear

So this evening we are lightening the mood a little after my previous, much more personal than usual blog post. I'll leave that here if you want to check it out.

Today my Grandparents came up to Birmingham to see me and, amongst other things, we went out for lunch. As they wanted to see my new house we decided on The Bristol Pear, a pub close to the university, rather than heading into the centre of Birmingham.

I've written about The Bristol Pear before, in this post here, and I've been there for lunch, dinner and drinks plenty of times, but today I decided to whip out my camera and write a nice little review for you all. Aren't I sweet? 

Now I didn't try anyone else's meals, which I'm sure they were glad about because I'm currently recovering from a nasty cold, but they all looked delicious. Everyone cleared their plates as well, so the chefs are definitely doing something right!

My Grandma went for the Macaroni and Cheese with chilli con carne and bacon strips, which looked and smelt AMAZING. Next time I'm in need of comfort food (or, you know, hungover), that's what I'm going for.

My Grandad went for the Chicken Melt Burger (chicken, bacon, crispy bacon and melted cheese. YUM) with fries and coleslaw. This also seemed to go down a treat and smelt amazing. The portions at The Bristol Pear are so huge, you could never leave there feeling hungry, and I love the canteen-style trays that food is served on.

I went for a relatively new dish on the Bristol Pear menu, the Chicken Katsu Burger. IT WAS SO GOOD. If I'm honest I was slightly unsure about the whole curry sauce in a burger thing but it just worked so well, trust me. 

The sweet potato fries are to-die-for as well, I always swap out chips for them.

(I know the picture looks slightly unappetising, but I have been assured that it was actually super tasty) My housemate Hannah also joined us for lunch, and she went for the Smothered Chicken, which is basically a chicken breast with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce, with the heavenly sweet potato fries. I told you this place was great for comfort food!

With summer long gone and winter 100% on its way I can see myself spending many-an-evening in the Bristol Pear. And I'm okay with that. The food is good, the prices are most definitely student friendly, and the atmosphere as a whole is welcoming and just pretty fab. You can play board games while you wait for your food, what's not to love?

Haze x