Gran Canaria Part 1

Hola! Let's talk about my recent summer holiday. 

Luke and I went to Gran Canaria for a week and we both had the most amazing time, it was hot, chilled and exactly what we both needed before all that university jazz starts up all over again.  

We stayed in Puerto Rico, which is on the South of the island and it is beautiful. Our hotel was right on the harbour and surrounded by palm trees, beaches, cafes and some really amazing restaurants. Perfection.

Gran Canaria is pretty small, so even though we stayed right by the beach it was only a 40 minute coach or bus into the capital city of Las Palmas (which you will here all about in part 2).

There are quite a few restaurants on the harbour in Puerto Rico, but they all seemed to be relatively similar; the main cuisine on offer was Italian. From what we tried of these places, though, they were pretty good and the food was always freshly prepared and cooked to order. 

On our second night, and on the recommendation of our holiday rep, we wandered a bit further afield (and by this I mean about ten minutes down the road) to the main commercial centre of Puerto Rico.

None of my pictures will do the size of this place justice, it was HUGE. Hundreds of yards long and two storeys high, full of bars, cafes, restaurants and shops: Dream. Come. True.

We decided on our favourite restaurant pretty quickly, and ended up eating there three times throughout the week. It was a wonderful tapas bar called San Miguel and Luke and I fell in love with their Canarian Potatoes and chicken wings.

The waiters were so lovely and really chatty, which was a great opportunity for me to speak nothing but Spanish to the locals all week!

Puerto Rico harbour is gorgeous, very chilled and so so calming. We decided against going on a boat trip as we already had two other full days out planned, but we did spend one afternoon wandering around to have a nosey at all the boats and the stunning view.

I could ramble on for pages about our trip, but for your sake I won't. There will be a Gran Canaria Part 2 coming soon though, so keep your eye out!

Did you go on a summer holiday this year?

Haze x