Gran Canaria Part 2

Oh hey, thanks for coming back for part 2 of my recent trip to Gran Canaria!

Like I said in my previous post, here, Luke and I had the best time. For the first half of the week we chilled and didn't really do a whole lot more than eat, sleep, sunbathe and play in the pool; it was magical.

Monday and Tuesday, though, were busy days out. On Monday we were up and out the door by 8am, ready for a trip to the capital city of Las Palmas to visit the Old Town:

 the New Town:

And the viewing point in between:

Las Palmas is a beautiful place with something for everyone. The Old Town was stunning: old cobbled streets, colourful buildings with flower covered balconies and a real sense of community. The New Town was (obviously) much more modern, with a HUGE shopping centre but also a beautiful black sandy beach lined with a few family-run seafood restaurants, where we enjoyed lunch in the sunshine.

I can't write about Las Palmas without telling you about the Cathedral. Situated in the centre of the Old Town, this place literally took my breath away, it was the most incredible building with gorgeous, intricate stain glass windows and arches, I could go on for hours. 

In the Old Town we also visited the Farmers Market, which had the most colourful food stands I have ever seen - if we hadn't been travelling to the New Town a couple of hours later I could have easily blown the majority of my holiday budget right there and then.

We also visited the Christopher Columbus museum (we definitely made the most of the few hours we had), which was so cool. 

The museum is full of models of the ships that Columbus would have sailed, details of the conditions sailors would have lived in and all the journeys that they made. There were macaws living there too!

Tuesday was waterpark day and, as I was scared of damaging/dropping it, I didn't take my camera and so have 0 photos. But I can tell you that Aqualand in Maspalomas is a great day out with a seemingly endless amount of waterslides!

The last day and a half of our holiday was back to nothing but relaxation and food. I MISS IT SO MUCH!

I do hope that you've enjoyed these two little travel/picture diary posts about my holiday. I had such an amazing time that I couldn't not share it with you all.

Haze x