Summertime Wishlist

Recently I have been trying out the capsule wardrobe trend so I am currently not shopping for clothing for three months (!!), but that hasn't stopped me from doing a bit of online window shopping, which seems to be a habit that I'm struggling to break!

These are a few of my favourite summer pieces available at the moment:


As soon as I saw these shoes I fell in love. I think a style like this is timeless and would go with everything. The heel isn't too high either, which is perfect for someone like me who cannot walk in high heels at all!


As soon as I get in from work or uni I get straight into my pyjamas, I love them and I think that this cosy pair from Next would be perfect for lounging around the house before bed.

River Island

I had a gorgeous dress like this last year, from another brand, but it shrunk. Before that, though, it was my favourite, so easy to wear and perfect for hot weather!


This bomber is so, so pretty. It is definitely my favourite piece in this blog post and (in my opinion) is a pretty timeless item too! 

ASOS (Nike)

I already have two pairs of Nike trainers and they are the comfiest shoes I have ever owned. Plus, the bright colours really jazz up an outfit and I think this pink is perfect for summer.


I am a huge fan of patterned trousers, they are so easy to wear and these ones look so comfy. They would be perfect to dress up or down and I wish that they were in my wardrobe!


I couldn't resist including this skirt, it's gorgeous. This would be so perfect for a summer event or wedding, and is seriously making me wish that I had one to go to!


This is a bit more dressy and something that would be great for a night out any time of year. It's not too low cut either, and looks like it's cut in a really flattering way.

Haze x